About Us

AmePower - Power Electronics

Who we are?

AmePower is a DBE, MBE, WBE and WOSB certified engineering company established in 2002 with more than 20 years of combined experience in Power Electronics Solutions. We have been supporting innovative OEM designers as well as end-users and repair centres worldwide.
AmePower is a division of AmeTrade, Inc, a global company specialized in providing technical and logistics solutions, dedicated to satisfy its customer's industrial needs including the widest variety of machinery, equipment and parts with the support of internationally recognized brands.
Based in Miami, Florida, AmePower’s headquarters lie in a 14,000 square feet facility where we stock key power electronics components and build assemblies and provide repair services. Our main market is traction inverters for the mass transportation and the mining industry.

What can we do for you?

Our expertise consists of providing engineering designs for new applications and retrofitting old systems; manufacturing, repairing and installing power electronics assemblies; developing and supplying power electronics components providing technical support as well as training for customers.
We are committed to delivering excellent technical support as well as great service, good delivery times and competitive pricing. This allows us to assist our customers in an accurate selection of the specific parts that fit their needs. Allowing us to supply not only hard to find, discontinued or obsolete parts but also direct replacements and custom specifications components, with a huge selection inventory in our stock or with very short delivery time.
AmePower specializes in supplying Power Semiconductors and its accessories, offering a very wide range of new and original Power Devices from well known manufacturers and OEM, aftermarket, equivalents and replacement parts such as GTO Thyristors, SCRs, Diodes, IGBT Modules, IGCTs, MOSFET, Gate Drives, Voltage & Current Sensors, Heat Sink, Clamps and others. Our company is present in the power electronics market with special support in several different areas like: Mining, Mass Transportation and Locomotive, Automotive, Military, Metallurgy & Foundry, Oil & Gas, Energy Transmission & Distribution T&D as well as the General Industry of Power Conversion.

We invite you to place your trust in AmePower. Our service will become your satisfaction - guaranteed.