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AmePower offers a wide variety of Original and Certified Power Devices from well know manufacturers, as well as, OEM, aftermarket, equivalents and replacement parts such as GTO Thyristors, SCRs, Diodes, IGBTs, IGCTs, MOSFET, Gate Drives, Voltage & Current Sensors, Busbars, Heat Sink, Clamps, Power Modules and assemblies in the power range of 300 up to 12000 A and 600 up to 8500 V and more.

AmePower - Power Electronics - IGBTs

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor IGBT is power semiconductor switching component with improved characteristics like high efficiency and fast switching, making suitable for use in modern industrial applications like electric cars, high efficiency inverters, highly automated motor variable frequency drive and most of the new generation of power controlled energy. The IGBT combines the simple gate-drive characteristics of the MOSFETs with the high-current and low–saturation-voltage capability of bipolar transistors allowing it to switch ON & OFF huge amount of energy with relative small gate signal.
AmePower also supplies the IGBT Gate Drivers, allows known as IGBT Gate Units. These devices are specially designed for each application supplying features like:

  • Active Clamping & Variable Gate Resistor
  • Reverse Polarity & Overvoltage Protection
  • Fiber Optic for signal interface with Status Feedback
  • Isolation Transformer for Power Supply
  • Over Current & Short Circuit Protection
  • Parallel & Serial Operation
  • We offer IGBTs from 1200v to 6500v. All original products from this manufacturers:

    The Gate Turn-Off (GTO) Thyristor is a fully controllable discrete semiconductor switch that can be turned on and off with a positive and negative gate signal, these components are optimized for very low conduction losses designed to work in the most demanding industrial applications. These components are highly used on High Power & High Voltage Converters for low and medium frequency applications. AmeTrade™ Electronics also supplies the GTO Gate Drivers, allows known as GTO Gate Units.
    AmePower™ also supplies the GTO Gate Drivers, allows known as GTO Gate Units. These devices are specially designed for each application supplying features like:

  • Gate Current Temperature compensation
  • Continuous Negative Voltage for Blocking Condition
  • Fiber Optic for signal interface with Status Feedback
  • Turn-On & Turn-Off Pulse
  • Isolation Transformer for Power Supply
  • We offer GTOs from 1300v to 6500v. In a large variety of types like symmetric and asymmetric, all original products from this manufacturers:

    AmePower - Power Electronics - GTOs

    AmePower - Power Electronics - SCR Thyristors

    The Silicon Controlled Rectifier Thyristor is the most used semiconductor switch in the market. With several years working on the most demanding applications, this product has been proven as a very robust & reliable component. In Addition to the Normal Phase Control Thyristor, there are several special types of SCR Thyristors depending on the application where used, with special characteristics like Fast Turn off times, Specific Switching Energy, Bi-directional Control, Distributed Gate Construction, High Blocking Voltage, light trigger Gates and more.

    We offer SCRs from 1200v to 8500v. All original products from this manufacturers:

    The Diodes are the most elemental electronic components and basically main feature is that they permit the flow of current in only one direction and blocking reverse current. There are several types of diodes depending on the application to be used, generally differentiated by speed, forward current capacity, recovery capabilities, blocking voltage and others manufacturing specifications.

    We offer Diodes from 1400v to 9000v. In a wide variety of recovery times and specific applications like welding. All original products from this manufacturers:

    AmePower - Power Electronics - Diodes

    AmePower - Power Electronics - Power Modules

    Thyristor/Diodes Power Modules are widely used on several types of rectifiers specially designed to be used on compact and easy maintenance equipments like industrial rectifiers, inverters and variable frequency drives. These modules are manufactured in several different types of arrangements like Full & Half Phase leg, H-Bridge, Dual & Single Diode, Chopper, Full Controlled single & three phase rectifier and others.

    The metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (Mosfet) is a special type of transistor designed for use in low voltage, high current switching applications, generally packaged in modules containing 6 transistors and relative fast switching protection diodes.

    AmePower - Power Electronics - Mosfet

    AmePower - Power Electronics - Power Assemblies, Heat Sinks & Clamps

    The Power Semiconductor Assemblies and its main components like Heat Sinks and Clamps are developed to fit each individual application; normally these parts are specially designed to maximize semiconductor performance and to mechanically allocate all power components needed in a specific system. Heat Sink exists with different types of cooling method Air, Liquid or phase change. Clamps are used for press-pack disc (Hockey-Puk) components like Thyristors and diodes.

    The Intelligent Power Module (IPM) is an advanced hybrid power device, integrating IGBTs with optimized gate drive and protection circuitry, this products are becoming the industry standard for consumer applications, when fast production, compact design & expedited development are important.

    AmePower - Power Electronics - IPM

    AmePower - Power Electronics - DC Power Converters

    The DC Power Converters are used in several industrial applications when different DC voltages are required. Normally gate drive board for high power semiconductors need special power supplies in order to drive the necessary current & voltage requirement to fire components like High Current Capacity GTO & SCR Thyristors.

    The Voltage & Current Sensors are designed to accurately measure DC, AC and Impulse Current and Voltages, directly from high power sections of semiconductors based equipments. This allows the control circuitry to manage and acquire the signals on a low power & isolated section of the equipment. Most used sensor in the Power Semiconductor area are based on the Hall Effect technology that permits to sense instantaneous values, proving very fast response times and a more accurate control of the power.

    AmePower - Power Electronics - Voltage & Current Sensors

    AmePower - Power Electronics - Capacitors & Fuses

    The Capacitors used for power semiconductors are designed with special high performance characteristics intended to be used on applications where high currents and/or high voltages are common.
    The Fuses used for power semiconductors applications are specially designed to promptly protect electronics components, some of the characteristics required for this products are higher AC and DC voltage, lower l2t, Controlled Arc Voltage & Superior reliability.

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
    Locomotive Traction High Voltage Pulsed Power
    Wind & Solar Energy Conversion Electric Haul Trucks, Shovels & Dragline Excavators
    Industrial Power Supplies High Power Chopper
    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Cycloconverters
    Electrolysis Rectifiers Marine Drives
    Ship Propulsion Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
    High Power Pump Drives Welding Machines
    High Torque Drive for Rolling Mills Voltage Source Inverters (VSI)
    Load Commutated Inverters (LCI) Induction Heating & Melting
    Distributed Power Generation Gas Turbine Starters
    Static Frequency Converter (SFC) Static Var Compensator (SVC)
    Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) Static Transfer Switch (STS)
    Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) DC Traction Line Boosters
    High Voltage DC Power Transmission (HVDC) Industrial Power Conversion (Inverters & Rectifiers)
    Fuel Cells Power Conversion Electric Drills, Crushers & Grinding Mills
    High Performance Compressors Servo Drives
    Industrial Fans & Blowers Drives Industrial Extruders
    Solid State Breakers (SSB) High Voltage Soft Starters
    Cathodic Protection Rectifiers Electric Hoist, Conveyors & Crane
    Industrial Mixers
    Komatsu® Caterpillar®
    Infineon® GE Mining®
    GM EMD® Liebherr®
    GE Transportation® SIEMENS®
    P&H® Alstom Transport®
    WESTINGHOUSE® Bucyrus®
    Bombardier® ŠKODA Transportation®
    AEG® Ansaldo Breda®
    Terrex® ADTRANZ®
    Hitachi Transportation® Unit Rig®
    BOEING VERTOL® Firema®
    Marion® BREDA®
    Le Tourneau® KINKI SHARYO®