AmePower’s forte is to support customers in the following areas:

Design and Engineering

Whether it’s a new design or a reverse engineering project, our technical team is ready to provide high quality service.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1


Complete Solutions

AmePower provides solutions including: propulsion or traction inverters, variable drives, converters and rectifiers.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1


Power Semiconductors Components

AmePower provides original and certified components such as IGBTs, gate drivers, thyristors, diodes and custom bus bars in precise scheduled deliveries at the price and time that OEMs, repair centers and customers require.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1


Assemblies and installations

At AmePower we are qualified to do sub-assemblies or complete assemblies. Owning a 14,000 square feet facility in Miami, Florida, having a professional team of technicians and the needed tools and equipment, makes AmePower the perfect partner to outsource key projects that can not be compromised.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1



By offering several options of retrofits we are able to find the right balance between the customers’ technical and economical needs.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1


Plug and Play Retrofit Solutions

Retrofitting may be one of the most challenging and costly tasks that customers face; but when our engineers get involved, we analyze different options, from the most basic ones like providing a Plug-and-Play replacement for an obsolete component to a complete reverse engineering of a static converter, providing a solution and improving the original performance.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1


Repairs and Overhauling

Do you need to repair critical gear?

Don’t compromise your equipment using non original or uncertified components, if you require your equipment to perform like new, you need a proven track partner to trust those critical jobs and be able to deliver within the time restrictions our customers usually have.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1


Technical Support and Training

AmePower engineers can provide the technical support your company needs as well as training your team to detect and prevent problems even before they occur. When your team knows how your equipment works and are able to do proper maintenance, your company significantly reduces the number of failures and your dependency in third parties.

AmePower - Amantys Power Drive 6500V AP65AA1